The Presence of Jesus

There is no greater blessing than being in the "manifest" presence of Jesus. It's like taking out a magnifying glass in the sunlight, it intensifies or concentrates the sunlight in one spot. Things heat up! Jesus says that if we keep His commandments, literally His prescriptions, it indicates that we love Him. And the Father returns that love, along with Jesus. How? Jesus comes and discloses Himself to us; He manifests Himself. It actually means Jesus reveals Himself in greater ways; His presence is on display (see John 14:21). Jesus abides with us always, and He will never leave us or forsake us. But I'm talking about something more than His abiding presence, I'm referring to His "manifest" presence. And that's when things really heat up. I desire for deeper encounters with His presence. I long for moments when He discloses Himself to me. As I said, there's no greater blessing than being in the manifest presence of Jesus

Rob McCorkle

Rob believes in the message of purity and power. In 2013, he completed his Doctor of Ministry from United Theological Seminary in Dayton, Ohio. His dissertation discusses the fusion of Word and Spirit in the Holiness movement with special emphasis on the supernatural gifts. Rob is the founder of Fire School Ministries, a ministry organization with the distinct purpose of re-digging the wells in the Holiness movement.