Dying To Live

unfolding the message and experience of entire sanctification.

This experience is established in Jesus who said, “For their sakes I sanctify Myself, that they themselves also may be sanctified in truth” (John 17:19). Jesus made it possible for us to be sanctified in the truth. While there are many facets to this subject, this much is for sure, God desires people to walk in holiness. While we can debate over the various nuances of sanctification, the bottom line is Jesus Christ destroyed the power of sin through His death and resurrection. The cross of Christ and the blood He shed is sufficient to abolish and obliterate the propensity of iniquity within our hearts. Sanctification is not merely a Nazarene doctrine or a message taught John Wesley. I would argue that Wesley, and many after him, discovered this message throughout the pages of the Bible. And it is a message that we have access to today.

This series unpacks topics such as: The essence of sin, God’s complete work, the baptism with the Holy Spirit, threats to entire sanctification, and the fusion of purity and power. Sanctification is not merely a “work,” but it is a “working.” There is a growth process that follows the experience of sanctification that is discussed in these lessons. Walking in a life of sanctification and holiness goes beyond merely dying to ourselves “once.” Part of growing in sanctification is dying to ourselves whenever we sense our flesh wanting to resurrect. Sanctification also sets us apart for a priestly role. In other words, we’re not merely saved from something, but saved to something. Being set apart, we’re able to hear the prophetic voice of the Spirit and minister on His behalf in profound ways that transform our world. Being empowered by the Spirit in sanctification, we’re anointed to replicate Jesus Christ to our world.

Learn the biblical reality of sanctification, not merely in the Word, but in the power of the Spirit. Living the kingdom of God is the opposite of gaining status in our culture. The message of the kingdom says the way up is down, the way to win is to lose, the way in is out, and the way to live is to die.